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Raconteurs News with Met Police whistle-blower Jon Wedger

13 June 2018 Child Abuse Corruption Police

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Raconteurs News No 188 John Wedger

With Hosts Paul Webster & Andy Young.

He who does not bellow the truth when he knows the truth makes himself the accomplice of liars and forgers.” Charles Peguy

This evening’s guest is a retired ex Metropolitan Police Detective Constable, with 25 years service.

As a policeman John Wedger specialised in child abuse and vice investigations. John “Came to prominence as a Whistleblower”, because he wanted to alert his senior managers with regard to the deliberate cover up of child prostitution in London.

John was involved in an investigation, “and it involved young kids”, mainly from the care system, who were being coerced and groomed into child prostitution.

These children were given drugs, and hired out for sex, and this would “involve all manner of clients”. This disgusting practice had been ongoing for a number of decades.

John Wedger tried to bring these serious crimes to the attention of his senior officer. Surprisingly John found himself being “threatened and bullied” and he was also treated “very aggressively” in an attempt to silence him.

John was advised that should he continue to pursue his concerns, he would certainly lose his children, his home and his job. He was told very bluntly, “You Must Shut Your Effin Mouth, you have no idea who, or what you are dealing with”.

After a period of time, John found that his own conscience would not allow him to remain silent. He therefore decided to come forward, and make allegations against the Metropolitan Police for their part in the total cover up of child sexual abuse.

John then suffered a second round of serious bullying from his colleagues. This culminated in the Metropolitan Police who attempted to prosecute him, because he had managed to connect with other police whistleblowers.

John Wedger is a man who had to work with hard facts. He has uncovered damning evidence that “Will go to the heart of the Establishment”.

How long must we wait for a full, frank and complete public inquiry before a sitting Judge, who will hear, read and cross examine people on Oath?

Are you aware where YOUR Children are this evening????

Please support Jon’s gofundme campaign to raise money to highlight the plight of police whistleblowers and indoing so gain justice for victim and survivors of abuse


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