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Raconteurs News Special Exclusive Interview with Tony Farrell!!!!!

13 September 2018 False Flag Events Law and Courts Police

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Special Exclusive Interview with Tony Farrell.

With Jason Holmes, Andy Young & Paul Webster.

Problem Reaction Solution. Awaken the Nation.

Tony Farrell is former intelligence analyst with South Yorkshire police.

Jason welcomes Tony back to In his last interview Tony explained what had happened at Hillsborough on that terrible day, and how a number of high ranking police officers were being protected against prosecution.

Over the past five years Tony has been working in Ireland, to expose a number of important issues.

Tony’s web-page.

Has been spawned from a quest to bring down the walls of silence over the worldwide corruption within our midst today”.

Tony has now been relocated away from Ireland and this action has impacted his work there. Tony wished to raise issues of child sexual abuse, within the Catholic Church.

Following on from his last interview, Tony then summarises a number of points he had raised over the Hillsborough football stadium tragedy.

Tony highlighted a ‘Major Incident’ with regard to Walter Jackson Chief Constable. This incident took place in the police control room on the day of the football match.

Tony holds the opinion that Hillsborough may have been a pre-planned event.

Are there private corporations that could make a great deal of money out of introducing all seated stadiums?

Is there a deeper institutional issue with regard to the role of the police, Sheffield Wednesday football club, The Football Association and the club’s safety engineers?

Were there clear unequivocal warning signs that the Hillsborough football stadium disaster was foreseeable?

If South Yorkshire police are not responsible for the horrific deaths of 96 football fans, why has it taken successive Governments 30 years to uncover the real truth?

We send our condolences to the football fans and their families. Hopefully very soon real justice must prevail, and the guilty must be punished.



The Hillsborough Ripple Effect Trailer

Billy Bragg – Never Buy The Sun.

Raconteurs News Episode 46 with Tony Farrell




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