Raconteurs News No213 with Lee Garrett stop 5G camaigner!!!

4 October 2018 Corruption Health Law and Courts Technology

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With Jason Holmes& Andy Young.

The second half of tonight’s show features a guest suggested by Joan Gill. Lee Garrett: Stop 5G Campaigner. Starts at 1hr: 04m.

No guest for the first hour of tonight’s show. Jason & Andy in conversation.

No Paul Webster tonight he is ill. (Hope you feel better soon mate.)

Andy starts off by asking Lee if he could give our listeners some background. “What got you started on this and where is it going”?

Lee admits he didn’t have a clue about the associated problems that have arisen over the use of 5G.

He also didn’t have any information about LED lights, smart meters, or mobile phones.

His anxiety and concerns have been raised because Lee’s children have been suffering from constant nose bleeds. Lee thought this was very odd.

After a period of time where the children’s condition did not improve, Lee viewed Mark Steele’s own evidence on 5G. This was certainly a worrying turning point for Lee.

Lee wrote to his own local council, FOI and asked if this new type of technology had been safety tested and could he receive a copy of those important tests.

Much to Lee’s shock and amazement, his local Council totally ignored his requests and he received no answers to his questions.

Lee continued to raise safety concerns with his local Authority about 5G. His local council responded by attacking him and his family. Social services then became involved, and a large number of false claims have been made.

Lee believes that his investigations and his robust questioning about the safety aspects around 5G are a blatant attempt to shut him up.

If you care about the safety of your family, please listen to a brave man from Gateshead who stands up and speaks with passion.

Lee Garrett is worried not only for his children, but for your loved ones too.

Give this man one hour of your time. It will certainly give you something to think about.

Our grateful thanks to Lee.




5G COVERT ROLL OUT UNMASKED Mark Steele Gateshead Council Meeting 24 11 17 EMF debate part 1 YouTube


Please connect with Lee Garrett via Facebook: A man with a plan.



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