Raconteurs News No212 with Dave Sumner

4 October 2018 Uncategorised

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This evening’s guest is Dave Sumner.

With Jason Holmes & Andy Young.


Jason welcomes Dave Sumner onto this evenings show.

Dave explains that he is a free speech activist. His activism began when he stood outside his local Town Hall, dressed as the American President Donald Trump.

Dave decided to stand up for Mr Trump, because of the actions of the Mayor of Sheffield who had banned the American President from visiting Sheffield.

Dave thought the Mayors actions were totally pointless. Would Mr Trump even think of visiting the city?

Dave admits he is an admirer of Mr Trump, and Sheffield’s Mayor should not express or enforce his opinion in that way.

Dave continues, the Mayor of Sheffield does not speak for every single person in the city; I also attended a student’s anti Trump protest to voice my concerns over their stance.

Dave then put a Donald Trump mask on, while on the Town Hall steps. “I got a mixed reaction from various people”. Thumbs up or threats of violence.

If we truly live in a democracy, have we the right to speak up for ourselves? Should any individual or Corporation not agree with our views and beliefs should they threaten or cause us harm?

Love Donald Trump or hate him; Dave Sumner has his own opinion, and we are grateful to hear it.

Thanks Dave.





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