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Raconteurs News No211 Jeremy Bamber Campaign Group

29 September 2018 Corruption Law and Courts Police

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Jeremy Bamber Justice Campaign Group.

Trudi Benjamin. Yvonne Hartley. Phillip Walker.

With Jason Holmes & Andy Young.

Apologies to our guests and listeners for the technical problems at the start of the programme.

A welcome return to to the Jeremy Bamber Justice Campaign Group.

Trudi Benjamin starts off the interview with an important update on Jeremy Bamber’s case.

The latest developments to this horrific case are based on a confidential report that has been forwarded to the Crown Prosecution service.

Mr Bamber’s Lawyers are confident that the validity of this evidence will cast doubt on the evidence that was used to convict Mr Bamber in 1986.

Mr Bamber’s legal team have claimed that evidence held by Essex police has never been rightfully disclosed.

Jeremy Bamber was sentenced to life imprisonment with an order that he serve a minimum of 25 years. This sentence was later reviewed by the then Home Secretary Douglas Heard in 1988, who increased the sentence to a whole life tariff.

Trudi Benjamin continues. It has been extremely difficult to get the Crown Prosecution service to disclose vital information and evidence they hold. The CPS has a legal duty to release this information to Mr Bamber’s defence team.

We have a great deal of material evidence, which undermines the prosecution’s case.

We have also discovered a number of anomalies, as the police chain of evidence is totally flawed due to labelling of exhibits. This important procedure was NOT carried out correctly. Is this due to staff incompetence, surely this should not happen during a murder investigation?

Essex Police have also destroyed critical DNA evidence. This certainly cannot follow a correct procedure. It is totally wrong.

As other members of the group come forward to speak with Andy and Jason, we learn of other pieces of undisclosed facts about Mr Bamber’s trial; namely the one member of the jury who actually fell asleep whilst in court.

We may only hope that Jeremy Bamber’s conviction for multiple murder will be overturned. The defence evidence is very strong; and as the group reiterate they will continue their journey to prove Jeremy’s innocence.

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The non-disclosure of case photographs.



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