Raconteurs News No197 with Guest Jason Liosatos

20 August 2018 Corruption

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With guest Jason Liosatos. Artist, author & peace advocate.

Are we born into slavery? What can replace it?
With Jason Holmes, Paul Webster & Andy Young.
Tonight’s guest is introduced by Paul, and Paul asks Jason Liosatos to explain a little about his work.
Jason explains that he is a man who doesn’t hold all the relevant answers to our problems.
Many people who speak about the truth and the real life situation we find ourselves in can find life very difficult. We have a foot in two separate worlds. We need to “stay happy” and try and keep our family life going.
We are addicted to our own enslavement. The system turns us into beggars. We have lost that god in ourselves. We are easy prey.
We have maniacs running the world, but we refuse to see the reality.
“We can carry on our current course and face disaster, or we can embrace a higher evolutionary path of transformation and sanity which is desperately and urgently calling us towards it”.
“The greatest threat to us is our own mind”.
If we lose love and self respect for each other, this is how we finally die. Maya Angelou


Jason’s Paintings



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