Raconteurs News No186 with Guest Alex Thomson!

9 June 2018 Child Abuse Corruption Law and Courts

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Raconteurs News No186

Alex Thompson

With hosts: Paul Webster, and Andy Young.

Our thoughts go out to Jason Holmes and Ade Hardy, who are both recovering from illness. We extend all the very best to you both, and your families too.

Paul Webster introduces this evening’s guest Alex Thompson, who also appears on the UK Column news.

Alex begins this interview by explaining a little about his career. He joined GCHQ the Government Communications Headquarters from age 22, till age 30. 2001/ 2009. He was a specialist in Eastern Europe. Before that time Alex had lived in the former Soviet Union.

Alex had also studied a degree at Cambridge University, “Anglo Saxon, Norse and Celtic”. He confesses it was rather “Weird and Wonderful”.

Alex did attend a Public school, although he was not from one of the “Public School Families”. He gained his place because he won a scholarship. He rubbed shoulders with many of the Sons and Grandsons of the ‘Great and Not so Good.’

After meeting a very nice Dutch girl in 2007, and within two years of meeting her, Alex decided to move to the Netherlands, and the happy couple were married.

Alex Thompson is very happy with his wife and family, and he pursues his career as a freelance translator and interpreter.

Alex gives us his own impressions about England, during a recent two week visit.

Alex explains that the UK Column News started off locally in Devonport. The Royal Navy Base is now in a sad state of disrepair.

In Plymouth. Brian Gerrish started the UK Column there because he came ashore, after serving his country and attaining the rank of Lt Commander RN. Brian became a city business man in Plymouth, and he became aware of the deliberate wrecking of the chances for young people to have careers in these depressed former military and ex industrial areas.

For any foreign viewers and listeners, to Racontuersnews.com Alex Thompson highlights a shadowy group variously described as a ‘Left wing secular version of the freemasons’, or better known to us as “Common Purpose”.


Alex Thompson is an educated man who is attempting to raise awareness with his colleagues about fraud and corruption, and many other serious issues within local and Westminster Government.

Alex speaks eloquently, and he explains what is actually happening right before our very eyes. This is all in plain sight, under our very noses.

How many more brave people like Peter and Barbara Hofschroer will be securely locked away?









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