Raconteurs News No185 with Surprise Guest Lindsey Davies

9 June 2018 Health Uncategorised

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Raconteurs News No185.

Andy Young, Paul Webster with special guest, Lyndsey Davis

(You can’t beat live radio.)

Promoting the positives, and discussing the negatives”.

With Jason and Ade suffering excruciating pain, we all wish you well and hope that you both get the help you need. Get well soon Guys.

On a personal note Andy’s Grandson received the clinical help he needed, to help him on the road to recovery.

Wherever we live in this country, we will hear equal amounts of criticism and praise about our own National Health Service.

This service was based on recommendations in the 1942 Beveridge report which called for a state welfare system. According to William Beveridge, a nationalised health service was just one way Britain could help beat want, disease, ignorance, squalor and idleness.

On the 5th July 1948, the NHS was created, and this important service took control of nearly five hundred thousand hospital beds, over one hundred thousand nurses and five thousand consultants.

The NHS was free at the point of delivery, for the needs of everyone; it was also based on clinical need, and not an ability to pay.

So is our health service now broken beyond repair? Is it being funded and resourced adequately by our Government? If you have friends or family who work for the NHS, ask them about their day to day pressures they face in their role?

Are we working these people to death? Will patients suffer? Will we ultimately lose all confidence in our health service that promised so much, as we watch it ‘Stagger’ from one crisis after another?

Let the conversation flow, and please listen out for Lyndsey Davis who works very hard to help those unfortunate people who would otherwise fall through the net.








https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ewkw_vDIFTw Lyndsey Davis.


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