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Raconteurs News No184 with Guest Matt Conspiro

4 June 2018 Uncategorised

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Raconteurs News No 184. MATT CONSPIRO.

With Jason Holmes, Andy Young & Ade Hardy.

This Monday Bank Holiday special guest is: Matt Conspiro

Jason has been trying to get Matt onto the show for a while now. He has known Matt since 2006. They originally met on ‘The Edge Media Forum’.

Matt discusses his research blog on The Beatles and he has been a ‘Beatles Fan’ since the age of 3 or 4 years old.

He was compelled to write about the Beatles, and his starting point was “The music the music”.

Matt has written a number of articles and these are very detailed. It certainly is “a massive body of work”, commented Jason.

Matt found himself gravitating, towards his families record player to listen to the Beatles Blue album, and their Red album. Matt admits it’s difficult to explain why their music had such an effect on him. Their music was captivating. “I love them” he said.

The complete story that surrounded the ‘Fab Four’ was a subject that interested Matt as he became older. He then became captivated by this story, and this as he admits held a fascination for him. This certainly could become “the stuff of movies” or a 2 or 3 part trilogy.

Matt’s blog the attempts to define the conspiracies surrounding the Beatles with regards to their music and the occult hidden information within their music, and even on their record sleeves and photographs.

This information has been painstakingly revealed, and will no doubt shock many of the group’s fans around the world.

Matt Conspiro has his own opinion and he certainly looks at the Beatles with an open mind. He is able to take us back in time, “Even before The Beatles, were called The Beatles”. Matt also firmly believes that “There is evidence to suggest that they were into some form of the occult”.

For myself I’ve certainly learned a great deal about the ‘Fab Four’, I had no idea much of this information existed. This is a revealing and fascinating interview. A must listen for Beatles fans.



Links Beatles Nagra Reels.


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