NOT The Royal Wedding

Raconteurs News No183 NOT The Royal Wedding Special

24 May 2018 Ade Hardy Law and Courts Money

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Raconteurs News No183.

NOT the Royal Wedding Special.

Let’s hope the boys don’t talk about this all night eh?

Andy Young, Paul Webster & Ade Hardy.

We’ve no Jason Holmes again this week. Jason is still recovering from a very nasty infection that he picked up while in hospital. Jason is still very poorly, and all our thoughts and good wishes go out to him and his family too.

Is there going to be a wedding on at the weekend?

Will David Beckham remember to affix his OBE on his left lapel, rather than his right? Is it true that our ‘Illustrious Members of Parliament pay no Council tax?

Did HRH Prince Harry actually emanate from other HRH Princes loins? Will we ever know?

Should the town of Windsor be renamed; Saxe- Coburg- Gotha or even Lower Slough?

Tell American tourists visiting our shores that they should really visit Lower Slough Castle and that if the flag is flying at full mast it means Elizabeth Lower-Slough is at home.

As John Betjeman should have said:

Come friendly bombs fall on Windsor

It isn’t fit for naught but whingers

To rid of them we do avow

So rename it thus: Lower Slough.

Do the flag wavers believe this will be “Nothing like a Royal Wedding?” If your own family were worth£ 8 Billion pounds, would you ask everyone else to ‘Chip In?Perhaps the newest member of the family should heed the words of wisdom from one of the oldest members.

The Prince visits his own organisation dedicated to population reduction, the World Wildlife Fund. Here he visits the WWF Switzerland in 1965

Prince Philip is infamous for his statement that, in his opinion, the Earth is only suitable for one billion people, and he wrote in the foreword to his book If I Were an Animal, published in 1986, that he would like to be reincarnated as a deadly virus, in order to make a contribution to the reduction of the world’s population.

Are the Conservatives, Liberal, Labour, Et-Al all the same animal?

Who helps to secure our world, if we as individuals feel powerless and helpless? Where on earth do we start?

Is ‘Democracy’ Gang Rape? Do these people impose their wishes onto the rest of us? So whatever the colour of the tie they wear, the road and the path, is all the same as the destination; it’s the same. Is this all about money and power?

Is our UK Pound worthless? Ask Webby to explain the Bills Of Exchange.





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