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Raconteurs News No181

20 May 2018 Corruption Money

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Raconteurs News No 181 “Paying Everything Forward.”

Andy Young, Ade Hardy with Jason Holmes. No Webby tonight he’s on late shift .

Poor Jason has been through an ordeal at his local hospital. His operation has been completed, but he has picked up a very nasty Hospital Acquired Infection. We certainly wish you well Brother.

The intro music was played by Doug and his friends at the recently visited Beltane Festival sprit of the marsh. The ukulele vagabond group certainly had the place rocking. Good music for the camp fire. It was a great time for everyone.

Andy explained There are a number of people in life, who do their best to make other people happy despite their own problems.

Altruistic people do practice a real concern for the welfare of others. They certainly don’t expect any sort of reward for their action. They do this, “because they can.”

So should we “Repay someone” for what they do for us? Or perhaps a better method would be to, “Pay something forward.” As Ade explained, “Perhaps things would be a lot bloody better if we paid something forward to help someone else.” Worth a thought eh? Let’s just be nice to each other.

Live your life in a compassionate fashion.



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