Dave VonKleist

Raconteurs News No180 with Dave VonKleist

2 May 2018 Corruption False Flag Events

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Raconteurs News No 180. 1st May 2018.

Jason Holmes, Andy Young, Paul Webster & Ade Hardy.

Dave VonKleist.

Tonight’s guest on raconteursnews.com is a man with many extraordinary talents.

Dave Vonkleist is a writer and producer, he is also well known for:

9/11 Ripple Effect- 2007.

9/11: In plane Site-2004.

Ulmefilm 2012.

Dave is also a Musician and he spent his career in the broadcast industry as a professional television and radio announcer, and as a professional vocalist.

Dave has been interviewed on various radio shows: Open your mind Radio.

Coast to Coast AM, Vinnyeastwoodshow.com as well as No Lies Radio- PACIFCA Radio Network.

He also hosted: The Power Hour- ‘It’s all about the Truth’ with his wife Joyce Riley and they both devoted a great deal of time and energy, to try and obtain assistance for sick Gulf War Veterans.

In 2004 Dave Vonkleist wrote and directed a very powerful and astonishing film: 9/11 In Plane Site.

This remarkable film woke many people up, to an uncomfortable and worrying realisation that the American Administration headed by President George W Bush was directly responsible for an atrocity that systematically and clinically murdered more than three thousand people, on September 11th 2001.

Many people who responded to give much needed help on that dreadful day; Police officers, fire fighters etc; became ill because of building collapse physical injury, and air born toxins. These brave people have suffered horrific injuries. Many have continued to suffer and to subsequently die because of their injuries they sustained on that day.

During the interview Dave explains that in 2009, “I left the States and went south of the border, went down to Argentina for six and a half years”. “I’d had enough with the entire 9/11 Bowel, (truth) movement I call it these days”.

He also explained that he felt he was always on the defensive, because of personal attacks against him. The result of this will be to “Keep you away from the whole purpose of your goal”.

Dave firmly believes that unless we can all “Come together, and work together, no progress will be made”, with regard to unravelling the truth about 9/11

Unfortunately it will not matter if you are talking about the September 11th issue or the ‘Chem Trails issue or the vaccines issue, or “whatever fill in the blanks issue”; There are always people who will be detractors or provocateurs. And this ends up deluding the credibility of the whole movement, whatever movement it is.”

Dave VonKleist has many years of intense investigative work under his belt. He admitted that “He doesn’t do ( host) radio shows anymore.”

Dave certainly asks honest simple questions, which should have been raised years ago. Should we all follow Dave’s example and ask straightforward, candid and no nonsense questions too?

These are a few words of wisdom from Dave VonKleist.

Peace doesn’t make money.”

If we want peace we’ve got to get rid of the war- mongers.”

And my own personal favourite is:

Payback is Gonna Be a Bitch”.









U Tube 9/11 in plain sight. Directors cut.


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