Ian R Crane

Raconteurs News No179 with Ian R Crane

2 May 2018 Corruption Police Technology

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Raconteurs News No. 179 “Burning the fat”

Jason Holmes, Andy Young, Paul Webster & Ade Hardy.

Setting fires in the minds of men and women.” Paul Webster.

Ian R Crane

This evenings guest needs little introduction, his ‘U tube’ channel has over 15,800 subscribers with more than 488 films.

The purpose of this YouTube channel is to advance awareness, develop curiosity and to facilitate discussion of Political, Scientific and Spiritual alternatives to mainstream orthodoxy, without constraint by Consensus Reality and/or Received Wisdom’.

Ian R Crane ‘Is a former oilfield executive, who has been focused primarily on his Fracking Awareness Campaign.

Ian Crane has given a great deal of time and energy, to explain and finally expose extremely dangerous practices within this industry which still continue unabated.

Ian starts off the interview by explaining how “The fracking situation is at the moment.”

Ian explains that; “It’s a day of minor celebration because Amber Rudd got canned. (Sacked from her Government post.)

Amber Rudd has had this coming to her for a long time.”

Miss Rudd has only been in Parliament since 2010. She also enjoyed a fairly rapid rise to fame. However she proved that she was a “Sociopathic liar.”

I do not think that anyone in the ‘Anti Franking Community’ will be sorry to see her go.”

Ian Crane has a remarkable story to tell. He is a man who has travelled to Australia and witnessed firsthand the dirty underhanded tricks played out by a “Corporate Elitist Group.”

This same group are also locked in a bitter dispute with the ‘National Trust’ in England. The Corporate Groups wish to bring fracking onto land owned by the National Trust. Hopefully ordinary people will find their courage and stand up to these ‘Power Hungry Bullies,’ and say “Enough.”

Ian Crane is a visionary. He can clearly see the enormous carnage up ahead. This disaster will have worldwide implications, for our people in England and many ordinary working folk around the globe.

Can we afford to ignore his important research and straightforward messages?

We need to agree on the anti fracking community and not be divided.

Let us focus on pollution with Negative health impacts for our people.

We have to get smart and reach middle England.

Reach ‘Mondeo man’ the ordinary Joe.”

Fracking has been proven to cause cancer in the United States.”

Fight this community by community.”

Focus our energy on what we need to do to move forward.”

After almost Two hours of full and frank discussion; Ian leaves us with many subjects discussed, much unrevealed important information given and a VERY stark warning:

Where is the compassion? Where is the Humanity? Where are the plans to restore the Country to full employment? How can people actually get any enjoyment out of life when their life is in constant financial stress?

Community Activism is already a major thorn in the side of the establishment … and might just be the emerging catalyst, we can develop to bring about the changes we  KNOW we need to see. The onus is on US to bring about the changes that we all know we need to see … in both the material & the non-material realm!

The next five years will be absolutely seminal … determining whether or not Humanity is lured collectively into the ‘Corporate Mainframe’ … or begins the process of regaining Sovereignty over its collective Soul.

It really is TIME for HUMANITY to STAND UP and restore SANITY.

Are you with US … or are you going to sit back and watch this Country (and the rest of the World) descend into a Corporatist HELL”.



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