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Natural Healing

Raconteurs News No 210 Paul Heald Natural Healing

29 September 2018 Health

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Tonights guest is Paul Heald on Natural Healing.

With Jason Holmes, Andy Young & Paul Webster.

Success is never final, failure is never fatal. It’s courage that counts. John Wooden

Tuesdays show on the 25th September has been moved to Wednesday 26th. This will feature an interview with the Jeremy Bamber Justice Campaign Group, and they will update us on their latest news. We will also feature an additional guest.

This evening’s guest features ‘Ex-Paratrooper’ Paul Heald.

Paul explains about his own life journey; and his work as a healer. Paul is a man who lives to help and heal people and he also uses his healing gift on animals too.

Prior to this Paul had been a member of HM armed forces in the reserve Parachute Regiment.

Paul recounts that he had been trained to “kill people” and during this time he suffered a catastrophic injury to his brain that landed him in intensive care.

Paul’s own spiritual awakening commenced from this event. He knew he was a man who was “on the wrong path”.

After his discharge from his Regiment due to his serious injury, he continued to suffer alarmingly due to serious bouts of memory loss and other illness.

Paul Heald has experienced pain, suffering and dreadful violence in his life. He has now changed and turned his life around. Paul uses his life experiences to remind himself about the “wrong path” taken by the old Paul.

We extend our grateful thanks to Paul who bravely told us his story ‘warts and all’ Thanks Brother you have our respect.


Apologies to our listeners, we lost the last 5 minutes of the show hope this didn’t spoil things for you all. Many thanks for your support.


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