Shane Gibbs

Raconteurs News No 209 with Shane Gibbs Tageted Survivor

29 September 2018 Corruption Law and Courts Police Technology

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Jason Holmes, Andy Young & Paul Webster

In conversation this evening with Shane Gibbs Targeted survivor.

Fear is the foundation of most governments. John Adams.

A horrific interview about one man’s battle that started in 1995/6.

This targeting infrastructure is worldwide. It can easily intercept any written or digital communications you may make. It is truly unbelievable.

Shane Gibbs is seeking to expose a terrible system that targets people for very little reason.

Shane has had his flat broken into, with continuous thefts and vandalism. All these worrying occurrences were reported to the local police.

In 2011/12 the incidents escalated, with continual burglary and destruction of his property, and heartless attacks on his pet dog.

Shane has repeatedly telephoned the police to report these crimes.

After attending to Shane’s incident the only help they could offer him, was a comment that; “No crime has been committed”.

Many people have no idea or concept that targeting of individuals is happening. It does happen, and many people commit suicide because of it.

Please listen to this important interview to learn more about Shane Gibbs.

We all believe we have ‘Human and Civil Rights’ don’t we.

Shane is also on Facebook and You Tube. The links are below.


Shane Gibbs Targeted Survivor from the UK.

Targeted in Ireland

Targeted Individuals’ TI surveillance EXPOSED in “CitizenFour” (2014) Edward Snowden & NSA/CIA


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