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Raconteurs News No 187 Welcome Back Jason!

13 June 2018 Health

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Raconteurs News No 187.

Andy young in conversation with Jason Holmes.

Jason is still in a great deal of pain after his stay in hospital and his mobility is impaired.

Jason felt that he could not talk with anyone after his operation, he was in a very bad place; however he felt he needed to get himself back on his feet. He needed normality back into his life.

Jason’s leg that the hospital doctors did not touch has got a great deal worse. He has lost all feeling in his middle toe.

The doctor told Jason that he may not walk again.” I just have to play the cards I’m dealt he said”.

Jason explains about his mobility problems, “I have to struggle around on my arse”. “Which I will probably have to do for a long time.” This is not good if you have no downstairs toilet. Why should sick people of any age lose their dignity? Think about that the next time you want to visit the loo, and you can’t make it unaided.

Although Jason says he feels a lot better now, he has to cope with his dodgy leg, and a very nasty hospital acquired infection, which really hit him when he was discharged.

Despite his illness and pain Jason and his family want to move on, and “make the best of what we’ve got”. Jason knows he has to talk about his problems, and get them out into the open. “What else can I do, that’s all I can do” he said.

Jason and his family have genuine concerns and criticisms with regard to his medical procedure and post operative care.

Is our very own National Health Service failing our people? Is it therefore being ‘Set Up’ to fail? Are we seeing deliberate managed decline for our health care system?

Not so long ago, if you were discharged from an NHS hospital after a medical procedure, a group of ladies who were part of the NHS COPE team would visit you at your home.

These caring people would ensure that any mobility problems you had around your home would be sorted out to your satisfaction. They were there to help you, and provide answers to your concerns.

This was all a part of the vital care that the NHS provided for its patients in their community.

The COPE team ladies, with respite care in small hospital units, have now all but vanished. It’s not the same type of service that our people once relied on.

Jason Holmes and his family have questions they want answered. Perhaps we should all raise our voices, and do the same, before it’s too late.

We all send our best wishes and healing thoughts to Jason. Thanks for chatting Brother.




What are the types of hospital acquired infections?

The most common types of HAIs are:

urinary tract infections (UTIs)

surgical site infections.







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