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Raconteurs News No 177 New Lizard Special

25 April 2018 Child Abuse Corruption Law and Courts

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Raconteurs News No177. A New Lizard Special. (With ginger hair?)

Jason Holmes, Andy Young, Paul Webster.

Pioneering the subjects, challenging the Concept.” Is it the Russians?

No guest tonight, just three Northern lads ‘chewing the fat’. Happy St. Georges Day.

The new lizard day. Not another one. A royal birth. Should we celebrate? Is it wonderful? Or should we watch a football cup final?

The media coverage on the new royal child is over the top as usual. This child will receive the best that can be provided, eat the finest food, and go on the finest holidays, while other children won’t be so lucky, and many will struggle.

Could our Government give extra assistance to our hard working mums and dads? Why did Theresa May give our UK chemical establishment ‘Porton Down’ £48 Million pounds? Is producing poison gas more conducive for the health of our nation?

Alfie Evans- Where there is life is there hope?

We receive little real information in the media about Alfie Evans, who is on a life support machine which will be switched off. Is this child any less deserving, and does the British Broadcasting Corporation; BBC report the whole complete truth?

The UK authorities are claiming they have the jurisdiction with regard to this sick child. They say they, and not the parents have the right to determine what will happen. The options are not being evaluated; Alfie is being kept very heavily sedated, and has not been given nourishment. Would a Government Ministers child receive exactly the same type of care?

A new suicide clinic to open on Guernsey.

People see a person in a white coat, and they believe everything they are told?

Are the NHS/ Private Corporations building up a customer base with regard to medication, are we the cash cows for the large medical corporations?

Are profits more important than people? Should we pay them to ‘Kill Us’ If Debenhams and Maplin stores are failing to realise profits, with the necessary loss of jobs perhaps a suicide shop in every town will undoubtedly boost the UK domestic economy. Perhaps we should have one installed in 10 Downing Street? Sure to ‘Make a Killing’ eh?

Social media where is this going?”You’ll see something happen with people, they one day just disappear or go stark raving bonkers”. Facebook and data stuff is this a distraction? Are we Mark Zuckerburg’s pawns on the facebook chessboard?

Parking tickets…should we throw the threatening letters in the bin? Is the BoERemedy an answer to a maiden’s prayer?

Charity adverts

How come it’s all about fluffy animals with large round eyes and pitiful faces that tug our heart strings? What about stick insects? Are they also tugging on our heart strings to extract money away from our wallets and purses?

Was live aid incessant, they were telling us to put our hands in our pockets? When multi millionaires were telling us to donate our money while they had enough money between them to practically solve these terrible problems.

The man fined for teaching his dog to do a Nazi salute.

Are we losing our sense of comedy or satire, is it all about political correctness? Have we the right to free speech, have we the right to offend?

In universities forcing people to use a certain pronoun for Trans gender people. Are people able to think critically, is education being dumbed down?

Did President Kennedy say that it’s all a conspiracy?

1984 is not too far away so take heed of the message. ‘War is Peace Freedom is Slavery Ignorance is Strength’.

We have never been told how the banking system works, and how money is created.

Are the authorities working hard to keep us in conflict, to wear us down and keep us in our place? Are we the undisputed victims of our own education system, we just learn how to survive and adapt within our own situation. Is that life, our life? Are we the first generation to have a lower standard of living than our parents? Would you work for the minimum wage?

How many young people could explain and understand the ‘Bradbury Pound’? With American Debt at an eye watering $21 Trillion Dollars. Will the United States, England, Canada, Australia and Europe rewind the clock back to 1929? Is the ‘Promise to Pay’, a cynical clue to the terrifying truth? A promise never to be honoured.

Do many people watch other people watch others play games online”?

Lifes hard….as long as there is weed.” Thanks Heath.


Windrush Ventures


George Orwell.


Alfie Evans.





Bills of exchange act. BoEVAT remedy.


Headlinesuicide machine attracts massive attention.


Paul Webster u tube link is gas water and electicity free?


US soldier gets first penis and scrotum transplant.


Henry ford quote if the public knew about the banking system


President Kennedy.





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