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26 June 2018 Child Abuse Police

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John Wedger Part 2

Jason Holmes with Paul Webster and Andy Young.


Only an educated and informed people will be free people. John F Kennedy.

This is the second interview with Ex- Metropolitan Police CID Detective Constable John Wedger, a good compassionate man who continues to expose and reveal a disgusting ‘High-Level cover up’ of child prostitution.

John Wedger starts off his interview with Jason and he reveals a little more information that he “Touched on last week”. This concerns the influence of freemasonry within the police, and how this may frustrate and hinder police investigations.

John admits that this subject is “A great unknown”, and unfortunately he is not in a position to expand this further.

John explained that approximately three years ago, he was contacted by a recruitment agency. This agency is able to supply police staff for specific tasks within the police service. They explained they were now recruiting investigative civilian staff, in the north of England for an ongoing inquiry.

The agency staff member then asked John if He was an active Freemason, and John replied “No I’m not”. John continued, “That is a very strange question for a job agency to ask”. The agency people then explained that they were under instruction, with regard to this ongoing inquiry, they were forbidden to offer employment to anyone who had links to freemasonry. These civilian recruits became part of an important team that were investigating the ‘Hillsborough Stadium Tragedy’.

It has taken the families of the 96 people who died, 28 years to discover the horrific culpability of senior police officers on that terrible day.

The Hillsborough inquiry prosecution team have announced that they will bring criminal charges against 6 people, and these will include very senior police officers.

The specific charges relate to:

Manslaughter by gross negligence of 95 men women and children.

 Misconduct in public office.

Perverting the course of justice over alleged changes they made to witness statements used during the original investigation. 

A lawyer, who acted for the police, was also charged with perverting the course of justice over similar allegations.

Senior police officers also face charges, with regard to ‘alleged lies’ about police involvement in the aftermath of the disaster and the culpability of fans.

These charges are related to the deaths and also to an alleged subsequent cover-up by police of their own catastrophic mistakes.

John Wedger firmly believes that there is a proven link between “Freemasonry and some form of corruption”.

Police whistleblowers have suffered at the hands of their senior high ranked superiors who attempted relentlessly to silence them.

We extend our grateful thanks to John Wedger, for standing up; and speaking about the horrific truth. A truth out in the open at long last.



MP Paul Flynn. Operation Tiberius.



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