Raconteurs News episode 199 with guest Owen Lloyd Martin

20 August 2018 Off Grid Living

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A welcome return Guest Owen Lloyd Martin from Portugal.
Use plants to bring life. Douglas Wilson.
With Jason Holmes & Andy Young.

Andy begins the conversation by asking Owen about his life in ‘his little slice of paradise’.
Owen explains he has now acquired an electric mountain bike. “This will help me get out and about”. This will also help me to discover more about my surroundings, and give me much needed independence. Socialisation is important too.
Unfortunately due to the recent extreme spell of hot weather, Owens’s cycle remains idle at the moment. The highest temperature recorded by Owen was 46 degrees C. The degree of humidity was also extreme, and hazardous to health. This is very unusual in Portugal. “An odd summer”, he adds.
Owen is also in discussion with other growers in his local area. Their idea is to set up a ‘local food co-op’, and this idea could be expanded to include food growers in other areas.
A simple system of exchange could be formulated, where no money changes hands only food. The freshness of the food could be guaranteed, because of the small distance between grower and the customer. Perhaps we should consider the amount of ‘air-miles’ some of our food travels. Should we be more food conscience? Does Owen wax his lemons?
Owen is an interesting man who questions and gives sensible analytical answers to current problems in the UK. Owen wants us to “look at the core problem, never mind the grievances”. Let the people sit down and talk to each other. Unity is the way forward. “Some people’s minds can’t expand to include the whole family”.
On social media please check out Owen’s page on facebook. He certainly posts a number of interesting and thought provoking things.
Thanks Brother.

Portugal Off The Grid

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