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Raconteurs News 207

13 September 2018 Uncategorised

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With Jason Holmes, Andy Young & Paul Webster.

No guests tonight, just a chat about current events in the news.

Very busy busy Men………. AKA the cannabis show.

Jason starts off tonight’s show and he asks Andy about his own week.

Andy explains he finally met up with one of their good friends of raconteursnews. A “top bloke” called Dinny.

Copious amounts of alcohol where then consumed, during the 4 ½ hour meet up.

Andy admits, “It was fantastic to meet him, and finally put a face to the name and then give the man a hug”.

Jason has been speaking with Ade Hardy on the phone. Hopefully we will find out more about Ade, and how he is getting on health wise.

Jason also explains about an unusual visit to his home by his doctor. It’s a real job to get an appointment to see a doctor at any time, so this was surprising. Are we going to see more home visits as we used to? Fingers crossed.

Perhaps we require more humour in our lives? Jason then gives us his joke about his own grief Councillor who recently died. Jason said he was so good at his job, I didn’t give a shit.

Blimey Jason, I asked my wife what she wanted for her birthday, and she told me I’d like a widows pension”.

Has anyone any information on ‘Monkey Pox?’ We’ll get Webby to ask Theresa May.

PS No programme this Monday 17th Sept. Jason & Andy are attending the 2018 Holmfirth UFO conference.

Have a good one lads.














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