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Raconteurs News 203 with Gary Heseltine of UFO Truth Magazine

29 September 2018 UFOs and UFOlogy

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A welcome return to Gary Heseltine-UFO Truth Magazine. With Jason Holmes & Andy Young. Gary Heseltine is a retired Detective Constable who served in the British Transport Police from 1989-2013. This interest initially started during his childhood 1975/76, when he was aged 15. Gary witnessed a UFO event in his home town and this encounter sowed the seeds in an ever widening ripple effect that would eventually pull him into the field of ‘Ufology’. Gary then decided that he should read books about flying saucers and he visited local bookshops to glean any information on UFOs.

A particular book that intrigued Gary was entitled ‘Aliens from Space’ and this book was written by an American senior Military officer, Major Donald Keyhoe. Major Keyhoe had received sightings of unexplained objects in the sky via military pilots. Gary Heseltine’s interest in this subject continued throughout his early life, and as Gary himself admits. “The lure of this subject was beginning to slowly take its grip on my life”. During Gary’s police career he decided he would research British police officer UFO sightings. He decided to call his database; PRUFOS that stands for ‘Police reporting UFO sightings’.

During this fascinating interview, Gary recalls a number of interesting and revealing events during his life and career. We would urge our listeners to view the links below. They are very detailed, and his PRUFOS database has been compiled from serving police officers. Gary leads us through on his compelling journey that has; “Fundamentally changed the course of my life”. Thanks Gary.


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