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Raconteurs News 198 with Guest Heath Dwetht

20 August 2018 Music

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With Musician Heath Dwetht. ‘A Posh Turn’.
With Jason Holmes & Andy Young.

This evening Andy & Jason are in conversation with a talented musician, and a man who is no stranger to ‘raconteurs news’. We play Heath’s music as often as we can.
Finally appearing on the show at last, Jason starts off by asking Heath to describe his process that allows him to translate his ideas, into actual music. Heath explains he was once employed on a cruise ship, and during periods after performances; and when the passengers were no longer on board the ship, Heath and his colleagues had “loads of time off”.
Heath would sit down at a piano in one of the ship’s lounges, and practice the three musical cords he was familiar with. He started to write his music, and his ideas for music started successfully.
Heath’s music is storytelling, he reaches back into his memories, and he uses his life’s experiences to ask; “where did I come from, where did I go”.
Heath was originally from Sheffield and he hails from a musical family. He is a well travelled singer songwriter with a broad musical taste.
Last year Heath won first prize in a music contest to write a ‘Song of the summer’.
We hope ‘The boy from Sheffield’ won’t leave it too long for a return interview, and news of his latest musical projects.
‘Nutty Slack’ he isn’t. Red Hot mate, it’s all real.

Boy from Sheffield by Heath Dwetht


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