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Raconteurs News 192 with Guest Joan

14 July 2018 Corruption Health

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RACONTEURS NEWS No192. Not a horse and pony show.

A general chat tonight folks, with all best wishes to Jason & Ade.

With Andy Young, Paul Webster & Joan from peoplesinternetradio.com

Whatever you do in life, surround yourself with smart people who’ll argue with you. John Wooden.


Paul Webster kicks off tonights chat with a few words about Boris Johnson. An idiot with an indescribable amount of ‘Vacuous hot air’. Caractacus Johnson couldn’t sell snow to the Sudan, and couldn’t run a bath.

So will Boris become our next PM? It’s all pure theatre folks. Treason Puppet May knows nothing.

Andy then brings us up to date on Jason’s illness and how he is progressing.

Jason has undergone major surgery, this has involved having his leg amputated.

Andy for his part felt very apprehensive when visiting Jason in hospital. Jason was feeling the effects of the pain relieving drugs. Andy explains that Jason was able to travel outside the ward in a mobility scooter, where they had a good smoke. Jason is in good spirits, despite his pain and discomfort. We certainly wish Jason a speedy recovery, and then perhaps he will give his own personal overview on his care and treatment, whilst in Northern General Hospital Sheffield. Perhaps more Right Honourables, Lords, Ladies Viscounts MPs etc, should take the time to drop into their local hospital. No queue jumping though eh.

Andy and Paul then welcomed Joan from the peoplesinternetradio.com onto the chat. Joan then gave an introduction on how she became involved with alternative media. Joan had been listening to various media sites, including racontuersnews.com for a number of years.

Joan doesn’t watch mainstream television, she gave that up many years ago. She is actively involved with peoplesinternetradio.com and she hosts a show on the site.

Joan feels that important issues such as 5G Smart Meters and the Ex Met police whistleblower John Wedger certainly need more coverage and discussion. Joan is also interested in the Common Law, and reveals that Common Law Court has been set up in Scotland. Many people are becoming aware of the corruption and they are looking for alternatives. Perhaps a workable remedy has always been within our grasp. Or as Joan would surely agree, ‘The safety of the people shall be the highest law’ Marcus Tullius Cicero




common law court Dundee.




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